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Flange Management

Flange Management

TimEast Flange Management service with tagging system and bolting software have been designed in alignment with International Standard for the management of the integrity of bolted joints for pressurised systems. The purpose of tagging process is to provide best practice for the management control process of recording and gathering relevant data with the use of multi-part flange tags.

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Flange Management Description

Flange Management


Bolt load calculation software that recommends tightening methods, tooling selection, torque and tension value. We operate 2 programmes which conform to ANSI & API Standards. Each Operating system is stand alone and does not require a server link.

Flange Management

Type of Equipment:

● Manual Bolting Tools

● Tensioning Tools

● Torquing Tools

● Hydraulic Accessories

● Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pumps

● Pipe Flange Spreader

● Ultrasonic Flange Tester

Flange Management

A successful flange management process will ensure activities carried out on a bolted joint are controlled and historical data is recorded to provide an auditable trail.

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