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Leak Test

Leak Test

Leak testing is a method or process that identifies any defects that will adversely affect the performance or integrity of a component or process system.

With the full range of equipment fleet in country including N2 equipment, tanks, high pressure testing pump, instrumentation and testing accessories, TimEast will be able to support the various leak detection methods.

● Nitrogen Helium Leak Detection

● Pneumatic / Strength Test

● Pressure Drop

- Hydrostatic – liquid

- Decay – gas

● Soapy Bubble

● Vacuum

Leak Test

Why do We Leak Test?

Health - To ensure that the health of personnel is not adversely affected by the escape of hazardous or poisonous gasses.

Safety - To ensure the safe operation of the customers equipment.

Environment - To ensure that the environment is not contaminated or polluted.

Leak Test

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